Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photography lessons...and other shenanigans

Yesterday was just wonderful!  My sisters went to help a girl from our church at the horse stables, so I got to stay at their house for a few hours with the younger girls.  It reminded me that my little sisters are rapidly growing up and are no longer little girls.  So before I need to grab my box of tissues, lets us move on to some photos.

We had an afternoon filled with hide and seek, piano playing, flower making, drawing, duck duck goose, (which actually was a variety of animals) and photo taking!  I took out my camera to show them some of my cake photos, when the youngest became infatuated and wanted to take a picture (which turned into over 100 pictures : ) it then proceeded to trickle down the line.  I have to admit, that the little girls caught onto the functions of this camera faster than I did!  They were taking crystal clear photos and reviewing them while saying to themselves, "nice"! : )  It was more fun than I can covey.

So to start off, let me introduce you to the 3 little girls I spent some time with...

Meet Chloe!  Chloe has the most incredible freckles and red hair I have ever seen! 

This is Sophia, my little sidekick. 

And this is Phoebe.  She amazed me with how well she can take photos!  I felt like an idiot by the time I was done looking through the pictures she had taken.

Phoebe was very curious about the camera, so after I had taken a couple photos, I showed her how to take some.  It was incredible to see things the way she sees them.

She thought this one was "nice".  {photo credit: Phoebe : ) }

This one was also dubbed as "nice". 

We were making these plastic flower things and Phoebe proceeded to take pictures of us engaged in our activities...

Don't ask...

{Photo credit: Sophia}

Michaela, (their older sister) was a bit camera shy...  {Photo credit: Phoebe}

{Photo credit: My sister, Michelle}

Then we decided it was time to master the art of mirror photos

Sophia's flower...and Phoebe's expression.

???  {Photo credit: Sophia}

{Photo credit: Phoebe}

Phoebe inspired me with her photo above (evidently)

Ceiling... {Photo credit: Phoebe}  : )

I suppose being short does cause an infatuation with looking up at the ceiling. {Photo credit: Phoebe}

lol  {Photo credit: Sophia}

{Photo credit: Sophia}

When I was finally granted permission to use my own camera again, Phoebe let me take this one.  I love spending time with these girls who hold a very precious place in my heart.  


Jacqueline said...

You are the best baby-sitter! Can I come and learn something on a really good camera? Mine is a little S8100 Nikon. I am afraid I couldn't learn all the setting, let alone use them :)
Great fun!

Shelby Courtney said...

Haha...well, technically I wasn't actually babysitting. But it was lots of fun anyway! Yes, you can come to Illinois and play with my camera anytime you would like! But, I know you have some pretty good photographers with even better cameras around you. ; ) But don't let that stop you from coming to visit anyway! : )