Friday, March 25, 2011

Growing where we are planted

Most young women in the Christian homeschool community, have aspirations to be wives and mothers.  Sometimes it can feel as if life won't begin until those God given desires have been fulfilled; however, that is a fallacy of the worst kind. 

We as young women have this fantastic opportunity to have an impact on our culture while we are unmarried.  One thing that I really want to emphasize in this post is,  investing in the younger children now!  We do not have to be married to learn the art of nurturing children!  I love going to Church and having some of my dearest friends be the littlest ones.  It is so important for us to be a good example to them.  Titus 2 does not just apply to older women whose children are grown, but to any situation which involves older and younger women.  We, as young women in the body of Christ, should be taking the girls who are younger than us, under our wings, our sisters included!  We should not only be seeking to be a Biblical picture of womanhood to them, but befriending them as well.  I love being around little girls, especially since my sisters have gotten older.  And while I could sit around at home, wishing I had my own children, it would be a terrible waste of time!  God has given me the opportunity to learn so much and be a light to others; I pray that He will not allow me to squander this time. 

We need to focus on being content where we are in our lives right now.  This is such a struggle, but that just makes it ten times more important to learn!  God has so many things that He wishes to accomplish with our lives at every stage we are in.  Take this time to foster a love of children if you do not possess one, or to learn more about being a godly parent!  You do not need to have oodles of siblings to learn how to interact with children.

Being content is a hard virtue to master; sometimes if feels as though we will not ever be able to attain a state of complete contentment, but it is so utterly important.  Being content is what reveals where your treasure lies, or what your motives and desires really are.  If our main objective is to honor God, then we will understand we can do that wherever we are at in our lives.  If we truly seek to further the kingdom of Christ, then we will pray about how to do that while under our parents' authority.   While it has not been an easy thing to learn, I now cherish this time in my life.  I see it as filled to the brim with sanctification opportunities! :)  God has a purpose in every situation He has placed us in, we just need to exercise caution in making sure we are diligently seeking out His will in every avenue of our lives.


Jenny said...

Amen! Another great post.

Joenne Courtney said...


I am very happy with the way you help teach my daughters, your siblings, how to follow Christ in their lives. You have learned how to be content with what the Lord has given you and where He has placed you. Someday, DV, you will be raising your own daughters to teach their younger siblings, how to love and honor Christ in everything they think, say and do. Hopefully, these younger daughters of mine, will be there to help, until it is time to be raising their own, and you will be thanking these little sisters of yours, for setting an excellent example for your children, repaying what you gave to them.

Loving you, Momma

Shelby Mary said...

Thank you, Mommma...God has truly given me a wonderful Mother!