Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinosaurs, Jaguars and Coyotes, Oh My!!

I had a wonderful day today babysitting some adorable little boys I have had the privilege of knowing for awhile!  So here are a few photos to show you what a fun day I had! 



We started out with Dinosaurs...

Then while Luke took his nap, we proceeded to shoulder rides...
(yes, that is my head)

After the shoulder rides we moved onto an exciting game of Jaguars, which consists of me being the big Jaguar and Wesley the baby one.  Then we hunt stuffed animals...

We indulged in a game of Candy-Land, in which I lost every time...I came to the conclusion that Candy-Land is really a game for small children. 

When Lukey decided to join us again, they wanted to hunt Coyotes and need to say I ended up being the Deer who was hunted down, shot multiple times and then drug from the basement to the living room by a jump rope tied around the neck! :) 

We made Valentines, pretended to be on a ship, bus, plane, train and automobile that all ended up in accidents of catastrophic proportions, played Hi-Ho Cheerio (sort of) and did a fair amount of ball throwing at each other! (literally *at* each other)  So, I spent my Valentines Day with some little men, (needless to say) I genuinely love! 

As you celebrate the rest of this day, that is dedicated to love; keep in mind what the true definition of love really is!  No one has demonstrated it better than our Savior Himself.